Sharing Pool

Sharing pool – International meeting for literary festival makers

Sharing pool, the international platform for exchange for festival makers, is hosted this year at translationale berlin. For three days, the festival makers will work in a peer to peer exchange to share best practices and discuss issues in a new way, to take inspiration from tried and tested solutions and formats. While creating a festival often means working permanently under pressure in one’s own corner, we want to encourage a place where it is possible to reflect on and share ideas, proposals or formats.

The encounter is designed to establish a network of contacts that encourage dialogues and collaborations between cultural events from different countries. The aim is both to strengthen contact with colleagues from other festivals, to measure themselves against similar realities and to involve international exponents to broaden the discourse and perspectives.

Initiated in 2019 by the Babel Festival in Bellinzona, Sharing Pool devotes itself for the second time – in collaboration with the TOLEDO-Program – entirely to literary translation and puts the spotlight on festivals that focus on translation.

On Friday 10 November at 6:15 pm, sharing pool opens its doors to the audience of translationale berlin, audience that has the chance to meet the international festival makers and get some insights into celebrated literary festival from nine different countries.

With: Aleksandra Szymańska, Instytut Kultury Miejskiej (Gdańsk/Poland), Dagny Kurdwanowska, Found in Translation festival (Gdańsk/Poland), Enrica Fei, Bookmarchs, l’altra voce, (Marche/Italy) Helen Bowell, Poetry Translation Centre (London/England), Jess Oliveira, TRACALA within African Literature Association Annual Meetings (in different places), Nausikaa Angelotti, Babel Festival (Bellinzona/Switzerland), Simone Schroeder, Internationales Literaturfestival Berlin, ILB (Berlin/Germany), Stefanie Hirsbrunner, African Book Festival (Berlin/Germany), Tamara Zimet, Edinburgh International Book Festival (Edinburgh/Scotland), Tania Rodionova Yulia Didokha und Dzvinka Pinchuk, Translatorium, (Khmelnytskyi/Ukraine) und Wangũi wa Goro, Sidensi, Africa in Translation Symposium (different places)

Sharing pool – previous editions

Since 2019, Sharing pool has gathered international players from Tbilisi to Rio de Janeiro, involving actors from new-born festivals as well as very large and renowned ones (more about it here). In 2022 took place at Babel festival the first sharing pool devoted to translation, in collaboration with TOLEDO-Program, with following guests:

Centre for writers and translators, Daniel Medin (Paris/France)

Cheltenham Literature Festival, Lyndsey Fineran (Cheltenham/UK)

Fureur de Lire, Donatella Bernardi (Geneva/Switzerland)

Found in Translation festival, Ana Matusevic (Gdańsk/Poland)

Le livre sur les quais, Fanny Mayer (Morges/Switzerland)

Norwegian Literature Festival, Mia Granum (Lillehammer/Norway)

Project coordination: Anna Schlossbauer (TOLEDO)


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