Simone Homem de Mello

(c) Gabriela Pelosi

is an author and literary translator. She wrote libretti for the operas Orpheus Kristall (Munich 2002), Keine Stille außer der Windes (Bremen 2007; Mannheim 2022), and UBU – eine musikalische Groteske (Gelsenkirchen 2012). Her Portuguese-language poetry is collected in the volumes Périplos (2005), Extravio Marinho (2010), and Terminal, à Escrita (2015). As a translator, she translates authors such as Thomas Kling, Peter Handke, and Paul Celan. Since 2011, she has directed the Center for Literary Translation at the Casa Guilherme de Almeida Museum in São Paulo. Her most recent publications are Arno Holz: Phantasus, poema-non-plus-ultra (Translation and Theory, 2022) and Augusto de Campos: Poesie (bilingual anthology: Portuguese/German, 2019).