Dorota Stroińska

© Jürgen Jakob Becker

was born in Poznań in 1965 and has lived and worked in Berlin since 1986 as a translator of German-language literature into Polish (amongst other authors, Karl Jaspers, Rüdiger Safranski, Lutz Seiler, Christian Kracht, Sibylle Lewitscharoff and Ilse Aichinger). She was awarded the translation prize of the Polish Translators Association and was nominated for the Central European liteary prize ANGELUS. She is regularly active as a jury member, curates and moderates cultural programs and readings for adults and young readers. She founded the German-Polish organization Übersetzer-Sztamtysz, researched in the Karl Dedecius archive, led translation seminars (ViceVersa, the continuing education program KRANICHE/ŻURAWIE) and sometimes teaches at universities. You can learn more at: